NYQUEST Grandparent Camp

NYQUEST Grandparent Camp brings together grandparents and their grandchildren in a completely new way, and in a supportive, comfortable outdoor/indoor setting. Through joint activities and experiences shared with each other at camp, the intergenerational relationship between grandparent and grandchild is deepened and strengthened. The grandparents will participate directly with their grandchildren in most activities and in some activities they will observe as the grandchildren have fun with the NYQUEST staff. There will also be opportunities for the grandparents to relax and enjoy the camp on their own as their grandchildren are fully supervised and engaged in our camp programming. Create your own memories, enjoy life together at your own pace and make the most of that special bond that only exists between grandparents and their grandchildren.

There is something in the program for everyone and there is also full support available at all times by the fantastic NYQUEST camp staff. You can rest assured that your time at Grandparent Camp will be fun-filled, meaningful and bursting with memories of a special time shared with you and your grandchildren.

Sorry, no parents allowed!

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Lakefield College School: One of Canada’s most prestigious private boarding schools located in Lakefield, Ontario near Peterborough.

Accommodations and Food

NYQUEST Grandparent Camp makes good use of the various accommodations at Lakefield College School, all of which are clean, comfortable, steps away from the action and have Air Conditioning. You can rest assured you and your grandchildren will have a fantastic nights’ sleep after a busy day at camp. We are able to cater to specific accommodation needs (e.g. adjoining/shared rooms for younger campers, ground floor access).

We are able to accommodate all dietary needs, restrictions and allergies.

There will be an on-site nurse available at all times, and more extensive medical facilities are located nearby, in Lakefield or Peterborough.


Swimming, fishing, canoeing, landsports, nature hikes, arts and crafts, campfire, roasting marshmallows, scavenger hunts and much, much more…

Our fantastic team of international camp counsellors will support grandparents with supervising children during activity sessions!

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Read through our Camper Manual to find detailed information about our Grandparent Camp program.